Design Consultation

We understand and appreciate that in most instances it makes sense to separate between contractor related work and design affairs. However, we also realize that in certain circumstances this may not necessarily be the case. Some clients choose to involve us in the design process in order to have a contractor’s insight on how practical certain designs would be.

This is specifically the case with CIVIL & MEP design: which constitutes the nervous and circulatory system of any building and as a result it accounts for a significant fraction of the total cost.

Consequently, some minor adjustments and redesigns can save millions. Furthermore, many of our clients go as far as affording us the opportunity to suggest alternatives or enhancements to original designs.

In the past, we have helped our clients to develop creative and innovative designs on the architectural, structural and MEP fronts. Whatever the needs of our clients, we like to believe that we keep their best interests at the centre of our attention.

Value Engineering

Many clients choose to contract our services on a pure consultancy basis. Our team of consultants includes: MEP Consultant, Civil and Structural Consultants, Architects, Interior Designers, and Town Planners. Whether it is a specific construction query, or one that is more general in nature, NRSS’s team of consultants will be more than happy to assist you whatever your needs.

Our database of suppliers and network of specialist consultants, technicians, and craftsmen will ensure that we have an answer for any query on your mind, regardless of its technical sophistication or uniqueness.

Project Management

A spill-over effect of our vast experience in the field of construction has been the provision of project management services. Our project management teams work with clients to ensure projects are completed in the shortest feasible time period, the lowest feasible costs and the utmost feasible quality. Our team of culturally diverse project managers benefits from a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 12 years, spanning most of the Cities in Bangladesh, as well as rural parts of the Country.

We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure that we achieve their desired objectives.

Assembly and Expert

NRSS stands out in Dhaka and around all the district of Bangladesh for the exceptional diversity of its skills and technical know-how. NRSS has often paved the way, thus accompanying the stakes of his time. Here is some of the fields as example, what we covers

  • Building Construction: A key player in the building sector, NESS Construction is present in Bangladesh. Intervening in all areas of construction, both private and public contractors, its teams are able to implement the most complex projects.
  • Land Development: Present throughout Bangladesh and recognized by local authorities, NRSS has become one of the most reliable company who are expert in Land Development in any rural and challenging condition & atmosphere.
  • The road: new works or rehabilitation, the teams of NRSS Route contribute to the improvement of the entire road network from municipal roads to highway routes. They participate in the construction of port, airport or industrial pavements and are also experts in urban planning.
  • Metal: a leader in turnkey metal construction, NRSS teams design and produce envelopes and façades for buildings and structures and offer them for all industrial sectors, in particular through a strong experience in construction. Offshore wind farms.
  • Energy: electrical engineering, industrial engineering, climate and energy engineering, NRSS responds to the challenges of the industrial, infrastructure and network markets, cities and communities and the tertiary sector.
  • Shore or River Protection: NRSS specialised in sore and river protection from the starting point of its journey. As Bangladesh is a tropical country and hundreds of river surrounded, to protect the sore or banks, the government authority rely on NRSS for it finest solution.