Alarm Kits for Stabilizing Aircraft Stands



  • Designed as an early warning device to sound an 85 dB alarm when a load of 100 lbs (45 kg) or greater is put on the stabilizing stand
  • K-3863– Fits the following Stabilizing Stands: 03-4007-0000, 03-4015-0000, 03-4033-0000, 03-5815-0000, 03-5804-0010
  • K-3864– Fits the following Stabilizing Stands: 03-4012-0000, 03-5800-0010, 03-5801-0010, 03-5805-0000, 03-5806-0000, 03-5816-0000, 03-5818-0000, 03-5819-0000, 03-5821-0000, 03-5822-0000, 03-5826-0000, 03-5828-0000, 03-5829-0000, 03-5830-0000, 03-8016-0010, 03-8127-0000
  • K-3892– Fits the following Stabilizing Stand: 03-5817-0000

Lifting and shoring an aircraft can only be possible with the right equipment including aircraft stands and jacks. Done improperly, this can be very dangerous. NRSS is proud to offer this Alarm kit that fits many of our lifting and shoring stabilizing aircraft stands. Making you aware any time 100lbs or more is put onto a single aircraft stand so that you can react, adjust, and keep your craft and crew safe.


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